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We are Paper Products Manufacturers based in New Delhi, India. We produce – Greeting Cards, Sketchbooks & Journals, Gift Bags, Canvas Products, Leather Journals, Rigid Boxes, Handmade Paper Products, Gift Boxes, Arts & Crafts, Coloured Fluorescent Paper & Board and many other kinds of Paper and Cardboard products.

BPI is keen to partner you in your present and future growth. Do please share and discuss your ideas, we will work with you towards achieving your goals. We will shape your ideas into viable products, manufactured with total quality at a huge cost advantage to you. For over 20 years, we have collaborated with US, UK & European companies in setting-up exclusive production-lines. We provide exclusivity to our customers and never sell to their competitors.

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Greeting Cards


Gift Bags

Leather Journals

Lorenzo Luxury Boxes

Gift Boxes

Arts & Crafts

Colouring Books

Canvas Products

Canvas Bags

Canvas Pet Bags

Canvas Kit Bags

Handmade Paper Products

Handmade Paper Sheets

Handmade Paper Sketchbooks


Wiro, Hardbound, Leather

Diaries & Journals

All Sizes & Various designs 

Gift Bags

Gift Bags & Wine Bags Handmade &  Decorative

Arts & Craft Paper

For Kids, Origami &  School Projects

Greeting Cards

Handmade, 3D, For various occasions

Gift Boxes

Gift & Rigid Boxes All shapes & sizes

Sketch Books

All Sizes, Hardbound, Wiro Specialty Papers

Canvas Bags

Bags, Pet Bags, Canvas Kit Bags